, a new nonpigmented, saccharolytic species from oral cavities, is described. This species differs both biochemically and chemically from related taxa, such as , and . The major fermentation products in glucose broth are acetate and succinate. In common with other members of the genus , all strains contain malate dehydrogenase and glutamate dehydrogenase, but they differ from some species, such as , in lacking glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase and 6-phosphogluconate dehydrogenase. The long-chain fatty acids are predominantly of the straight-chain saturated, iso- and anteiso-methyl branched types, with 12-methyltetradecanoic acid constituting the major acid. Strains of can be clearly distinguished from other oral species by the presence of major amounts of unsaturated menaquinones with 10 isoprene units. The deoxyribonucleic acid base composition of is 45 to 46 mol% guanine plus cytosine. The type strain is WPH 179 (= NCTC 11871).


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