Joining our Editorial Boards

In line with the Microbiology Society’s value of transparency and our strategy, we are dedicated to providing opportunities for our members to engage in all Society activities. As such, all vacant positions on our Editorial Boards are open to expressions of interest from the membership.

Numbers on each Editorial Board vary but normally consist of an Editor-in-Chief and Deputy Editor-in-Chief, which are appointed by Council, along with a series of Editors who are elected by the Editorial Board. Members of the Editorial Boards serve 3–6 years per role and meet at least once a year to discuss the development and strategic direction of the journal. For each journal, the Editor-in-Chief or Deputy Editor-in-Chief also sit on the Publishing Committee.

Current opportunities:

Journal of General Virology Deputy Editor-in-Chief

 We are currently looking to appoint a Deputy Editor-in-Chief to work closely with the incoming Editor-in-Chief, Professor W Paul Duprex (University of Pittsburgh), on both editorial strategy and operational matters for the journal.

Please see the full description for more information on how to express interest.

Journal of General Virology Editors

We are currently looking to appoint at least four new Editors with expertise in plant viruses, large DNA viruses, positive-strand RNA viruses and viral taxonomy. Our Editors play a key role in the journal, ensuring that we publish high-quality research, and are engaged with the virological community. 

Please see the full description for more information on how to express interest.

Journal of Medical Microbiology Editors

We are currently seeking members who have expertise in the following areas for appointment as Editors of Journal of Medical Microbiology: antimicrobial resistance; clinical microbiology; disease, diagnosis and diagnostics; molecular and microbial epidemiology; the microbiome and microbial ecology in health; One Health; emerging, zoonotic and environmental diseases; pathogenesis, virulence and host response; and prevention, therapy and therapeutics.

For more information, please contact [email protected].

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