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Publish and Read toolkit

We are delighted your Institution has signed up to our transformative Publish and Read agreement. To optimise this Publish and Read license, the Microbiology Society has created some digital collateral to help you spread the word to faculty and inform potential authors of their eligibility. Here are some tools you can incorporate into your intranet, web or other outreach channels: 

  • Expanding Open Access at the Microbiology Society (animation)
  • Information for Faculty (.pdf)
  • Publish and Read flyer (.pdf)(.png)
  • The author’s journey for fee-free open access (.pdf)
  • Publish and Read author guide (.pdf)
  • Publish and Read author and librarian guide (.pdf)
  • Library Recommendation Form (.pdf)
  • The Impact of Transformative Deals: Publish and Read results 2022 (.pdf)
  • OA Switchboard
    • The OA Switchboard: an article-level reporting hub (,pdf)
    • Reporting made easy (.pdf)
    • Successful OA strategies for research libraries info sheet (.pdf)
  • CCC Rightslink Agreement Manager

Please use the Society and journal logos provided above as required.

Please contact us at [email protected] if you think of any other resource that would be helpful.

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