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How to subscribe

Subscriptions run on an annual basis, January to December, within which time articles are published online on a continuous daily basis. As a benefit to scholarship, the Society has adopted a Bronze Open Access position that makes everything free to read after a 12-month embargo. We acknowledge the financial support of our library customers for enabling us to provide this service.

2020 institutional subscription price lists

Subscriptions are offered for online only access and are currently only offered to Institutions.

Tier Descriptions

Use the Tier Descriptions to determine in which tier your institution belongs. We have used numbers of FTEs to help define the two Academic subscription tiers. FTE stands for Full-Time Equivalent, and is a way of measuring the size of your organisation, not an indicator of usage. For academic institutions, FTE refers to the number of full-time students, plus the total number of faculty and teaching staff across all subject areas (including non-life science faculties), and all types of students (postgraduate, undergraduate, etc) across the sites that have online access. If you are a commercial organisation your FTE is your total number of staff across the entire organisation.

Standard Licence Agreement

Basic and extended licence terms for organisations in the set rate tiers (Academic 1, Academic 2, and Corporate and Government 1) are given in the Standard Licence Agreement. Please note that by using the Platform you are agreeing to abide by the terms set out in this site licence.

Subscribers in the top tier requiring Special Pricing will need to sign a licence agreement that will be provided with the quotation.

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Usage reporting

COUNTER 5-compliant library usage statistics are available to all our registered library administrators for usage from January 2019. The data included in the reports is based on your patrons' usage of paywalled content. As part of our charitable mission, the full archive of all our journals is made freely accessible after 12 months. Library customers are advised that only usage by subscribed year will be reliable, as usage of older articles, along with all OA Gold articles will often not be associated with a subscribing institution, as researchers have freedom to access the content outside your IP range.

The standard statistics report is delivered via email, as a .csv file. The administrator can request the report through a simple web-based form, and will receive the data by email within a few hours. To request your report online, simply login at www.microbiologyresearch.org using your administrator username and password; select C5 Reports, then select one of the following Title reports from the drop down Master report menu:

  • TR_J1: Journal requests (Excluding OA_Gold)
  • TR_J2: Journal access denied
  • TR_J3: Journal usage by access type
  • TR_J4: Journal requests by YOP (Excluding OA_Gold)

For usage statistics prior to 2019, select C4 Reports. JR1 shows the number of successful full-text article requests by month and journal.

You can also benefit from using the SUSHI protocol (Standard Usage Statistics Harvesting Initiative), which is developing a web services model for both requesting usage statistics and responding to those requests with data. The SUSHI protocol provides a practical method of harvesting usage statistics for consolidation, thus reducing administrative costs associated with provider-by-provider downloads.

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Offers and offsetting

In 2019 we are glad to introduce some new offsetting initiatives, as described below. For full details of our Open Access policies, pricing and procedures, please see our Open Access information page.

  • NEW for 2020 we are introducing a Publish and Read (P&R) option at a set-rate for institutions as well as via a selection of consortia groups with whom we are in discussion. Academics affiliated with P&R institutions will have access to all our journal content and be able to publish articles in all our journals, immediately OA, without any further charge. See here for more information.
  • If not affiliated with a Publish and Read Institution, corresponding authors who are members of the Microbiology Society receive a 30% discount on their APC across all Society journals.
  • Editorial Board members are entitled to discounted APCs for their Open Access articles.
  • Time-limited 15% APC discount codes for reviewers, as part of a reviewer recognition package.
  • Immediate, 24-hour online pay-per-view (PPV) access is provided for non-subscribers for US$35.00/£22.50 per article by clicking on the ‘Purchase’ button on the article abstract. PDFs may be downloaded for future use.

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Our journals are all preserved in the CLOCKSS archive and through Portico. This means our whole archive, back to 1947, is permanently preserved in two different archives with different modes of preservation, providing comprehensive reassurance that content will always be available.

Subscribers agree to the terms of use of content from the Journal Platform as set out in either the Standard Licence Agreement, or a licence agreement jointly signed.

When placing orders, please be aware:

  1. Payment is accepted in Sterling and US Dollars.
  2. Please ensure that the correct tier is applied to each order.
  3. Full end user details including librarian contact name, job title, email address, telephone number and full institutional address must be included on all orders.
  4. The Microbiology Society's institutional reference number must be included on all renewal orders.
  5. Cancellations are only accepted at the discretion of the Microbiology Society and any refunds will be given at the discretion of the Microbiology Society.

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Payment details

Paying by bank transfer

Bank details are available on request; please contact [email protected].

Paying by cheque

Cheques should be made payable to 'Microbiology Society' and sent to the following address:

Microbiology Society Sales Team
Charles Darwin House
12 Roger Street
London WC1N 2JU

Sterling cheques must be drawn on a UK bank. US dollar cheques must be drawn on a US bank.

Paying by credit card

We accept Mastercard and Visa transactions.

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Manage your subscription

If you are a librarian or an administrator at a subscribing institution then you have access to the Administration Area for the Microbiology Society publishing platform where you can:

  • Get started: Sign in as an Institutional Administrator on the journal website from the right-hand tool bar. If you have not already received your username and password to access the Administration area, email us at [email protected]. If you have forgotten your administrator username and/or password, click 'Need login help' under the sign in screen and you will be able to reset your administrator details.
  • Update your institutional profile: Change administrator name, email address, and change your administration password. To access this area, click on 'Update Institutional Profile' under Profile Management.
  • Manage your institutional logo: Once you have uploaded the logo, it will appear in the top right-hand corner of every page on the site, scaled to fit the maximum height and width available for display. You may specify alternative text that will appear when the image is not shown, and a URL to which the logo will be linked when a user clicks on it. From the main Administration screen, under profile management, select 'Manage Your Institutional Logo'. To add your institutional logo:
    • Enter the Alt Text for the Logo in the box marked Alt Text for Logo.
    • Enter the URL of the logo.
    • Search for Logo File using the Browse button and upload it.
  • View and update your authentication options: We support IP address and proxy server (EZ Proxy) authentication. We automatically show the institutional name of subscribers using IP address authentication so that your users are aware that access has been provided for them. We are also OpenURL compliant and support SFX link resolvers. Please note: EZ Proxy is a supplement to IP address authentication. If you wish to use EZ Proxy, your institution must have a subscription and IP address authentication already set up.
    • New from 2019: We now pull IP address information from the IP Registry which checks, monitors and updates institutional IP addresses, preventing duplication and misallocation and ensuring the most accurate possible usage metrics.
    • The IP Registry is FREE for libraries. Visit theipregistry.org to update IP address information; on first use, you’ll be asked to create a password.

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Contacts at the Microbiology Society

In the first instance, please send all queries to: [email protected]

Alternatively, please contact:

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