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The Microbiology Society is introducing an additional route to both publishing and reading in Society journals. Publish and Read is designed to offer a frictionless Open Access (OA) experience for authors together with maximum value for institutions, and subscribers are invited to opt-in to the deal for 2020 volumes, following our annual sales cycle starting October 2019. To help authors track their eligibility for charge-free Gold OA, we will provide a list of institutions that have signed up to Publish and Read both on this platform and through our peer-review system.

Publish and Read offers an alternative to our existing read access through institutional subscriptions and Gold OA publishing via payment of Article Processing Charges (APCs), both of which will still be available. We are also discussing national consortia pilots of Publish and Read. 

Institutions which buy a Publish and Read package are offered:

  • Unlimited Open Access: any article published in Society journals where the corresponding author is from a Publish and Read institution will be Open Access by default.
  • Unlimited usage: any user associated with a Publish and Read institution can access the entire archive of Society content, back to 1947, for reading and for text and data mining.

Corresponding authors from Publish and Read institutions will be identified using their email domains. Where a corresponding author’s email domain matches that provided for a Publish and Read institution, we will ask the author to sign our standard CC-BY Creative Commons licence and publish their article OA without further charge, and without embargo. Authors retain the right to opt out of publishing their articles OA.

Institutional Publish and Read pricing

Institutional Publish and Read is offered at a fixed-price package deal of £8,500/$12,000 per academic institute for 2020. It is available direct from the Microbiology Society and via subscription agents. The package is open to customers tiered as Academic 1 or Academic 2 institutions (see Tier Descriptions).

Please contact [email protected] to discuss Institutional Publish and Read.

Consortia Publish and Read

We are keen to work with consortia to offer the benefits of Publish and Read to their members. Consortia Publish and Read deals are priced based on several factors, including the number of consortium members who wish to take up the deal, their historic publishing activity, and their historic subscription spend. 

Please contact [email protected] to discuss Consortia Publish and Read.

How it works

Author identification

  • We shall identify eligible authors as part of the submission and publication process using email domain names.
  • The corresponding author’s affiliation must match the paying institution on the date of acceptance. Affiliation to a Publish and Read institution as stated in the accepted paper is the decisive parameter for eligibility. Providing correct affiliation information is the responsibility of corresponding authors.
  • At revision stage, corresponding authors affiliated with a Publish and Read institution will receive a notice from our editorial team highlighting the process they follow in order to sign the appropriate license and to supply the correct data for reporting.
  • If an author opts out of the scheme, the Publish and Read coordinator at the Institution will be notified.

Funding acknowledgement

  • Funding acknowledgements must be provided by authors and will be included in the article XML for display in our current PDF and HTML formats, and any future format we introduce.
  • Funding acknowledgement is at the authors’ discretion and may reference the research funding source and/or the publication funder.

Metadata delivery

We follow NISO recommendations for ‘Mechanisms for Distributing Metadata’, which includes delivering metadata to Crossref and other relevant third parties; this includes Funder Registry metadata where it has been provided by the authors.

In order to assist customers with funder compliance, the following key dates will be detailed in reports to libraries:

  • Date of acceptance: The point at which all necessary changes have been made following peer review and the author is notified that their output will be published.
  • Date of publication: The date on which the article first becomes available online.
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