Publish and Read 2023–25

"The Microbiology Society’s Publish and Read has been a key tool in our teaching and research areas. It has improved accessibility of research outputs and by supporting Open Access it has increased citations of OA articles and helped raise our organisational profile." Macquarie University, Australia

From 2023 all subscribers to the Society journals are invited to upgrade to a Publish and Read deal and quotes to do so will be sent with renewal notices. Institutions that buy a Publish and Read package are offered:

  • Unlimited OA: any article published in Society journals where the corresponding author is from a Publish and Read institution will be OA by default.
  • Unlimited usage: any user associated with a Publish and Read institution can access the entire archive of Society content, back to 1947, for reading and for text and data mining.

Following two successful pilot years, The Microbiology Society is extending its Publish and Read institutional licence so that more organisations and researchers can participate and benefit from Open Access (OA) publishing. 

Publish and Read is designed to offer a frictionless OA experience for authors, and provides maximum value for institutions, with minimum administration. It offers institutions an alternative to both subscriptions and article processing charges (APCs), although both of these routes will still be available. 

The price of participation for upgrading to Publish and Read will depend on the number of subscriptions taken in 2022. Libraries that subscribe to only one title would initially be assigned to tier 1, those subscribing to all four, to tier 4. This strategy provides a bridging conversion from read-only subscriptions to an OA model and is designed to anchor spend to existing levels. The tier assigned during the conversion will apply for three years 2022–24, allowing institutions to gain experience and understanding of the model, before pivoting to a ‘publish’ basis of determining the appropriate tier. 

The tier pricing of Publish and Read for 2023 is as follows:

Entitlements for all tiers


GB £ price

US $ price

Unlimited OA publishing 

Unlimited read access to all paywalled content on www.microbiologyresearch.org 













Non-subscribing research institutions will be able to sign up for Publish and Read and benefit from uncapped OA publishing and read access to all content on the platform. They will pay the same tier pricing as above and their tier is applied based on the rolling average annual publishing output from the previous three years. Whatever tier is applied to a Publish and Read institution, the entitlements are exactly the same. 

Both subscribers who are considering converting and want to assess the longer term prospect of Publish and Read, as well as research institutions interested in exploring this option can make their own assessments by viewing their historical publishing from 2016 here and can determine which tier applies according to this tier scaling

We welcome Publish and Read deals with government bodies, corporate and other commercial organisations. Interested parties should contact [email protected] to discuss participation. 

Consortia Publish and Read

We have signed national library consortia Publish and Read deals with:

  • Jisc Collections - UK
  • CAUL - Australia and New Zealand
  • IReL – Ireland
  • CSIC - Spain

and are keen to work with more consortia to offer the benefits of Publish and Read to their members. 

Please contact [email protected] to discuss Consortia Publish and Read.

How it works

"We are very pleased with the Microbiology Society’s Publish and Read deal. It not only reduces administration burdens for our librarians but also provides our researchers with transparency and a simple route to Open Access publishing". University of Birmingham, UK

We have made the Publish and Read author journey as straightforward as possible; this deck shows what to expect. 

Corresponding authors from Publish and Read institutions will be identified using their email domains. Where a corresponding author’s email domain matches that provided for a Publish and Read institution, we will ask the author to sign our standard CC-BY Creative Commons licence and will publish their article OA without further charge, and without embargo. 

Author identification

  • Corresponding authors will be able to check their fee-free eligibility and then indicate the Publish and Read route for OA during the submission process.
  • We check corresponding author eligibility as part of the submission and publication process using email domain names.
  • The corresponding author's affiliation must match the paying institution on the date of acceptance. 
  • Affiliation to a Publish and Read institution as stated in the accepted paper is the decisive parameter for eligibility. 
  • Providing correct affiliation information (including an institutional email address) is the responsibility of corresponding authors.

Funding acknowledgement

  • Funding acknowledgements must be provided by authors and will be included in the article XML for display in our current PDF and HTML formats, and any future format we introduce.
  • Additionally, funding acknowledgement will be made to the corresponding author’s institution on the foot of each article as follows: ‘This article was made open access via a Publish and Read agreement between the Microbiology Society and the corresponding author’s institution’.


Institutions can track their publishing output using a variety of routes and resources as described in detail on our Reporting page.

Metadata delivery

We follow NISO recommendations for ‘Mechanisms for Distributing Metadata’, which includes delivering metadata to Crossref and other relevant third parties; this includes Funder Registry metadata where it has been provided by the authors.

To assist customers with funder compliance, the following key dates will be detailed in reports to libraries:

  • Date of acceptance: The point at which all necessary changes have been made following peer review and the author is notified that their output will be published.
  • Date of publication: The date on which the article is published on microbiologyresearch.org.


To help institutions get the maximum benefit from our Publish and Read licence, the Microbiology Society has created digital resources to help librarians and OA managers to spread the word to faculty and inform potential authors of their eligibility.

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