A total of 76 strains of coryneform bacteria belonging to the genera , and were divided into four groups on the basis of their cellular fatty acid compositions. Cells with saturated and monounsaturated straight-chain fatty acids were designated type I. Strains in this group had -diaminopimelic acid and arabinogalactan in their cell walls. In some strains, 10-methyl fatty acids were found. Type I was divided into six subtypes based on fatty acid composition. Type II cells contained iso-anteiso acids and were found in 43 strains of , and coryneform bacteria with diaminobutyric acid-peptidoglycan. Small differences in fatty acid composition were found among the strains of this type, and the fatty acid compositions of type II strains varied remarkably depending on the media used. Type III strains were characterized by the presence of ω-cyclohexyl fatty acids. In two strains of , approximately 60% of the cellular fatty acid was ω-cyclohexyl undecanoic acid. Type IV strains had highly complex patterns of iso, anteiso, normal, saturated, unsaturated, 10-methyl, and 2-hydroxy fatty acids. Five strains of , and possessed this type of fatty acid composition.


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