The properties and taxonomic positions of 11 strains previously identified as members of “ Kondô and Ameyama” (this name is not on the Approved Lists) were reexamined. For each we determined about 100 phenotypic features, the protein gel electropherograms, and the parameters of deoxyribonucleic acid:C-ribosomal ribonucleic acid (DNA:[C]rRNA) hybrids. The 11 strains fell into three taxonomically distinct groups. Strain IFO 3248 was the only one which belonged in Strain IFO 3246 was an atypical The remaining nine strains formed a tight cluster, with very similar phenotypic features and protein gel electropherograms. Taxonomically, this cluster is quite removed from and the properties of its DNA:rRNA hybrids suggest that it is closer to Section I (R. E. Buchanan and N. E. Gibbons [ed.], We propose the name gen. nov. for this cluster, with sp. nov. as the type species and IFO 3245 as the type strain. An extensive phenotypic description and minimal standards of the new genus are given, as is the phenotypic differentiation from and


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