Kuznetsov strain USSR RIA 482, here designated as the type strain of was accessioned by the American Type Culture Collection (as ATCC 15820), where, on the basis of its phenetic characters, it was identified as belonging to To confirm this identification, the deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) base compositions of and the nucleic-acid homology between this strain and ATCC 393, the neotype strain of were determined. ATCC 15820 showed a high DNA homology value (82%) with ATCC 393 as well as good agreement in DNA base composition (48.0 and 49.0 mol % guanine plus cytosine, respectively). On the basis of the overall evidence. ATCC 15820 is here regarded as belonging to and Kuznetsov 1959 is therefore a later subjective synonym of (Orla-Jensen 1919) Hansen and Lessel 1971.


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