A numerical taxonomic study of named strains of Winslow et al., Brumpt, and Trevisan was made using 134 characters covering a wide range of properties. The strains fell into four main clusters. Three of these represented Cluster 1 contained strains requiring X factor and usually also V factor and corresponded to (Lehmann and Neumann) Winslow et al. and closely allied organisms. Cluster 2 contained strains that required only V factor and corresponded to Rivers and similar organisms. Cluster 3 contained strains with a requirement for a raised CO tension and contained Khairat and Zinnemann. Cluster 4 contained strains of and but not van Loghem. The three genera and have a close phenetic relationship and are facultative anaerobes that can acidify glucose fermentatively. They might best be separated from the other genera of the family Breed et al.


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