Only in a minority of the original descriptions of named species of the order has a type strain been unequivocally designated, although in some instances only a single strain was described, that strain thus becoming the type strain by monotypy. These species and their type strains are listed in the American Type Culture Collection Catalogue of Strains. Strain PG1 (NCTC 10114) is here designated as the neotype of subsp. strain PG2 (NCTC 10123) as the neotype of subsp. and strain PG6 (ATCC 19611) as the neotype of Type strains are designated for the named species of the order which lack type strains, in most instances the wishes of the original author being followed. Authors are urged, when describing new species in the future, to designate the type strain, avoiding ambiguous wording, and to deposit that strain in at least one of the permanently established collections, its catalogue number in that collection being stated in the paper.


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