In 1832 Ehrenberg transferred Müller and Müller to a new genus, . Müller's two species were renamed (Müller) Ehrenberg and (Müller) Ehrenberg, respectively. A comparison of Müller's description of with Ehrenberg's description of however, strongly indicates that the organisms described were not the same; therefore the name should be related to the organism described by Ehrenberg. It is therefore requested that the Judicial Commission delete Müller's name from the author citation for (i.e., Ehrenberg, not [Müller] Ehrenberg). Although Ehrenberg included and in his new genus, he did not designate a type species. Stiles (1905) was apparently the first to designate the type species (), but the later designation of as the type by Vuillemin (1913) is the designation that has been generally recognized. The acceptance of as the type species is not only contrary to the rules of nomenclature [Rule 9c(3)] but also unfortunate because the name is a source of confusion and error. It is therefore requested that the Judicial Commission issue an opinion establishing Ehrenberg as the type species of Ehrenberg and placing on the list of rejected names. Well's strain (ATCC 19554) is designated as the neotype strain of .


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