SUMMARY: Thirty-one tryptophan-requiring mutants of have been assigned by genetic and complementation analyses to four loci designated and The and loci were located in group III and in group G of the linkage map. The locus showed no linkage to the other loci or to markers in three additional linkage groups tested. From auxanographic tests and a study of accumulated biosynthetic intermediates, the enzymes controlled by each locus have been provisionally assigned. The and loci both appear necessary for anthranilate synthetase activity since mutants accumulated no intermediates. Only the mutant could utilize anthranilic acid, therefore the locus must also be involved in a subsequent step in the pathway. The mutants utilized indole and accumulated anthranilic acid, and hence this locus is involved in the conversion of anthranilic acid to indoleglycerol phosphate. The mutants utilized only tryptophan and accumulated indoleglycerol phosphate and anthranilic acid. They are therefore blocked in the final steps of the pathway catalysed by tryptophan synthetase.


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