Menaquinones were the only isoprenoid quinones found in 48 corynebacteria and actinomycete strains examined. Dihydromenaquinones having nine isoprene units were the main components isolated from and a strain labelled , but dihydromenaquinones having eight isoprene units were characteristic of other Corynebacterium species and representatives of the '' complex. Tetrahydromenaquinones having six and eight isoprene units were found in Nocardia strains and in a single strain of , which also contained mycolic acids similar in chain length to those of Nocardia. Menaquinones having nine isoprene units with from one to five double bonds hydrogenated were the main components in and Streptomyces strains. strains had a characteristic pattern of di-, tetra- and hexahydromenaquinones with 10 isoprene units which was slightly different from the pattern in mixtures of similar quinones from and


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