Summary: The effect of 14 arginine analogues on the growth of in a liquid mineral medium with either -glutamate or -ornithine as the sole carbon and nitrogen source was investigated. Two analogues, -indospicine and -arginine hydroxamate, inhibited growth markedly. The former was most effective in the or-nithine medium and the latter only in the glutamate medium.

The inhibition by arginine analogues of the first two enzymes of the arginine pathway, -acetylglutamate synthetase and -acetylglutamate 5-phosphotransferase, was studied. It was found that inhibition of these two feedback-sensitive enzymes did not correlate with inhibition of growth. -(-norvalyl-5)-isourea, which was a rather weak inhibitor of growth, was at least three times more active as an inhibitor of the enzymes than -indospicine and -arginine hydroxamate. These two analogues were about ten times less effective than -arginine, the strongest inhibitor of both enzymes.


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