Summary: 10C1 and 6783 grew anaerobically on glucose in media lacking lipoic acid and acetate, and assays with KH indicated that extracts of 10C1 contained lipoic acid activity equivalent to 200 ng of α--lipoic acid/mg protein. The value for a continuous culture of strain 10C1 grown anaerobically in lipoic acid-deficient medium was 37·2, about the same as that for 10C1 in lipoic acid-sufficient medium (35·5). Strains 10C1 and 6783 metabolized low concentrations of glucose (1 to 8 mümol/ml) non-homolactically and produced per mol of glucose about 1·0 mol lactate, 1·2 mol acetate, and 0·4 mol ethanol. Appreciable amounts of pyruvate, formate, glycerol, acetoin, diacetyl, and 2,3-butylene glycol were not detected. The values for strain 10C1 were lower (25, 17 and 21, respectively) if 10 M-arsenite or 0·5 % acetate was added or the pH value in the fermentor was decreased to 5·3. With acetate added or the pH value reduced, the glucose was metabolized mostly to lactate. Results indicate that 10C1 used the pyruvate-dehydrogenase-enzyme complex rather than the phosphoroclastic mechanism in metabolizing anaerobically to acetate approximately half of the pyruvate produced from low concentrations of glucose.


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