Summary: In chemostat cultures, (NCYC 132 and derivative strains) formed conjugants in glucose-limited but not in ammonia-limited synthetic medium. Conjugation occurred at a low growth rate (doubling time, approx. 11 h), low aeration rate (0.1 fermenter vol. air min) and 32°C, but not at an increased growth rate ( approx. 4.5 h) or at lower temperatures (20-25 °C). Conjugation of 968 in chemostat culture was greater under glucose-limitation than ammonia-limitation. Batch cultures of 968 in synthetic medium produced conjugants when the glucose supply was limited, but when glucose was in excess the amount of nitrogen influenced the degree of conjugation. Conjugation of strain 968 was inhibited in batch cultures in synthetic medium under conditions such that a large quantity of glucose was metabolized, and in cultures grown in synthetic medium containing added ethanol (0.5%). Inhibition of conjugation also occurred in batch cultures of NCYC 132 and 968 in malt extract broth containing added ethanol.


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