Following the transfer of three of the six species enclosed in the original definition of rRNA group 2 of to the genus and two to , other species of this group, some of which were added later, still await taxonomic revision. In a recent publication, a set of ‘core’ characteristics was proposed for species to be included in the genus ( Kämpfer , 2006 ). Except for , however, several or none of these properties are available for members of rRNA group 2. According to our analysis of data including the ‘core’ characteristics, should not be a member of the genus . We therefore propose the establishment of a new genus, gen. nov., and transfer to this genus as comb. nov., with the type strain HR3-23 (=DSM 12223=ATCC BAA-269=CIP 106059).


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vol. , part 5, pp. 1054–1063

16S rRNA gene based similarity matrix between and all the other closely related members of rRNA group 2 depicting sequence similarity values in percentage

Comparative fatty acid profiles of , and

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