A Gram-negative, spiral-shaped, phototrophic, purple non-sulfur bacterial strain, JA143, was isolated from a freshwater habitat. Strain JA143 was motile by means of bipolar tufts of flagella. Intracellular photosynthetic membranes are of the lamellar stacked type. Bacteriochlorophyll and carotenoids of the spirilloxanthin series with rhodovibrin are present as photosynthetic pigments. Thiamine and a reduced sulfur source are required for growth. Phylogenetic analysis on the basis of 16S rRNA gene sequences showed that strain JA143 clusters with species of the genus , belonging to the class . The highest sequence similarities of strain JA143 were found with the type strains of (95.6 %) and (95.7 %). Based on 16S rRNA gene sequence analysis and morphological and physiological characteristics, strain JA143 was significantly different from the other two recognized species of the genus and represents a novel species, for which the name sp. nov. is proposed. The type strain is JA143 (=DSM 19785 =NBRC 104433).


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Electron micrograph of a negatively stained cell of strain JA143 showing a tuft of polar flagella. Bar, 1.3 µm.


Transmission electron micrographs of cells of strain JA143 . Bars, 333 nm.

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