A Gram-negative, rod-shaped bacterial strain, designated K19414, was isolated from a chironomid (Diptera; Chironomidae) egg mass which was sampled from Kishon River in northern Israel. Phylogenetic analysis based on the 16S rRNA gene sequence positioned the novel strain among the genus , with closest similarity to KMM 1406. The levels of similarity to type strains of species were lower than 96.5 %. Isolate K19414 is aerobic, motile by means of a single polar flagellum, catalase-negative and oxidase-positive; growth was observed at salinities of 0–2 % NaCl and the temperature for growth ranged from 4 to 40 °C. The major cellular fatty acids are 16 : 0 (14.8 %) and 16 : 17 and/or 15 : 0 iso 2-OH (25.76 %). The DNA G+C content is 49.9 mol%. On the basis of its phenotypic properties and phylogenetic distinctiveness, strain K19414 (=LMG 23818 =DSM 18694) was classified in the genus as the type strain of a novel species, for which the name sp. nov. is proposed.


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Electron micrograph of negatively stained cells of strain K19414 . Cells are polar flagellated rods. Bar, 0.5 µm.


Fatty acid profiles of strain K19414 in comparison with type strains of related species. [PDF](40 KB)


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