The name ‘’ was first published by Beijerinck in 1888. Ewing and Fife changed the name to in 1972 as a new combination, acknowledging that Beijerinck had been the original author and making the new full name ( Beijerinck 1888 ) Ewing and Fife 1972 . Beijerinck's name was omitted from the Approved Lists of Bacterial Names in 1980, which listed only Ewing and Fife as the authors. The current listings in the List of Bacterial Names with Standing in Nomenclature follow the Approved Lists and omit Beijerinck from the names for both and . It is proposed that Beijerinck be acknowledged as the original author of this species by having his name reinstated in its full name, ( Beijerinck 1888 ) Gavini . 1989, and a Request for an Opinion is put forward to the Judicial Commission.


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