Two novel species, Rathayibacter caricis sp. nov. (type strain VKM Ac-1799T = UCM Ac-618T) and Rathayibacter festucae sp. nov. (type strain VKM Ac-1390T UCM Ac-619T), are proposed for two coryneform actinomycetes found in the phyllosphere of Carex sp. and in the leaf gall induced by the plant-parasitic nematode Anguina graminis on Festuca rubra L., respectively. The strains of the novel species are typical of the genus Rathayibacter in their chemotaxonomic characteristics and fall into the Rathayibacter 16S rDNA phylogenetic cluster. They belong to two separate genomic species and differ markedly from current validly described species of Rathayibacter at the phenotypic level. The most striking feature differentiating Rathayibacter caricis sp. nov. from other species of the genus is the presence of fucose in its cell wall and Rathayibacter festucae sp. nov. can be easily recognized among other yellow-pigmented rathayibacters because of its rose-orange-coloured colonies.


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