Two Gram-negative, aerobic, heterotrophic, marine bacteria, isolated from Mediterranean sea water off the coast near Valencia (Spain), were the object of this study. These non-motile, yellow-pigmented, rod-shaped strains have been studied by means of DNA-DNA hybridization, 16S rRNA sequencing and cultural and physiological features. Phylogenetic analysis showed that both strains belong to the phylum Cytophaga-Flavobacterium-Bacteroides, and their closest neighbour is the psychrophilic bacterium Gelidibacter algens. The two strains differ from G. algens in their mesophilic behaviour, hydrolytic pattern and use of different carbon sources. There is 31% DNA-DNA hybridization between the proposed type strain and G. algens, and both isolates show 97.5% 16S rDNA similarity to G. algens. They represent a novel species of the genus Gelidibacter, for which the name Gelidibacter mesophilus sp. nov. is proposed, with strain 2SM29T (= CECT 5103T = DSM 14095T) as the type strain.


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