Phylogenetic analysis of Promicromonospora enterophila indicates that this taxon clusters with Cellulomonas species, adjacent to Cellulomonas turbata (basonym Oerskovia turbata). 16S rDNA analysis, DNA-DNA reassociation, riboprinting, peptidoglycan analysis and determination of phenotypic properties of various strains of P. enterophila and C turbata reveal that they form a cluster that can be distinguished unambiguously from other Cellulomonas species by morphology, amino acid composition of the cell wall and 16S rDNA signatures. As a result of thispolyphasic study, it appears taxonomically reasonable to re-establish the genus Oerskovia for C turbata and to reclassify P. enterophila as Oerskovia enterophila comb. nov.; two novel species, Oerskovia jenensis sp. nov. (type strain DSM 46000T = CIP 100330T) and Oerskovia paurometabola sp. nov. (type strain DSM 14281T = LMG 20385T), are also proposed.


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