Thirty-three clinical, dairy and industrial isolates of aerobic endospore-forming bacteria which were unreactive in routine identification tests were characterized genotypically by using amplified rDNA restriction analysis (ARDRA), 16S rDNA sequencing and DNA-DNA reassociation, and phenotypically by using fatty acid methyl ester (FAME) analysis, SDS-PAGE of whole-cell proteins, API Biotype 100 assimilation tests and 16 other routine phenotypic tests. Three isolates were identified as strains of Bacillus badius, 12 as Brevibacillus agri, including 3 strains associated with an outbreak of waterborne illness, 4 as Brevibacillus centrosporus and 2 as Brevibacillus parabrevis; 12 strains contaminating an antibiotic production plant were recognized as members of a new species, for which the name Brevibacillus invocatus is proposed, with the type strain LMG 18962T (= B2156T = CIP 106911T = NCIMB 13772T).


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