Three new asexual yeast species were isolated from various floricolous insects. Candida cleridarum sp. nov. was the dominant species in clerid beetles collected in flowers of various cacti in Arizona and Southern California. The sequence of the D1D2 domains of the large-subunit rDNA showed that it is a sister species to Candida fragi (0.9% base difference), a yeast isolated once from fermenting strawberries. Candida tilneyi sp. nov. and Candida powellii sp. nov. were recovered from bees and from nitidulid beetles in flowers of two species of morning glory (Ipomoea) in north-western Costa Rica. C. tilneyi sp. nov. is most closely related to Candida geochares, but differs in the D1D2 sequence by 4.7% base substitutions. C. powellii sp. nov. is a relative of Candida batistae and Candida floricola, showing sequence differences of 5.9 and 6.9%, respectively. In all cases, the new species are phenotypically similar to their nearest relatives, but are sufficiently different to allow conventional identification. The type strains are C. cleridarum strain UWO(PS) 99-101.1T ( = CBS 8793T), C. tilneyi strain UWO(PS) 99-325.1T ( = CBS 8794T) and C. powellii strain UWO(PS) 99-325.3T ( = CBS 8795T).


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