The generic position of two aerobic, Gram-positive, non-acid-alcohol-fast actinomycetes was established following the isolation of their PCR-amplified 16S rRNA genes and alignment of the resultant sequences with the corresponding sequences from representatives of the families Actinosynnemataceae and Pseudonocardiaceae. The assignment of the organisms to the genus Saccharopolyspora was strongly supported by chemotaxonomic and morphological data. The strains were distinguished both from one another and from representatives of validly described Saccharopolyspora species on the basis of a number of phenotypic properties. It is proposed that the organisms, strains 07T (= AS4.1520T = IFO 16345T = JCM 10665T) and 216T (= AS4.1511T = IFO 16346T = JCM 10664T), be classified in the genus Saccharopolyspora as Saccharopolyspora flava sp. nov. and Saccharopolyspora thermophila sp. nov., respectively.


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