Previous reports of 16S rDNA sequencing of members of the family Halomonadaceae Franzmann et al. 1989 include two different sequences that were both attributed to the type strain of Halomonas salina (Valderrama et al. 1991) Dobson and Franzmann 1996 (basonym Deleya salina Valderrama et al. 1991). The two sequences are sufficiently different for them to belong to two different species within the genus Halomonas. In order to determine which of the two sequences corresponded to that of the type strain of Halomonas salina, the designated type strains of this species were obtained from the ATCC and the DSMZ. It was possible to show that only one of the previous sequences corresponded to the sequences obtained from DSMZ 5928T and ATCC 49509T.


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