The strictly anaerobic, Gram-negative, spore-forming bacterium strain WoGl3T had been enriched and isolated in mineral medium with glutarate as the sole source of energy and organic carbon. Glutarate was fermented to a mixture of butyrate, isobutyrate, CO2 and small amounts of acetate. Strain WoGl3T grew only with the dicarboxylates glutarate, methylsuccinate and succinate. 16S rDNA sequence analysis revealed an affiliation of strain WoGl3T to the family Syntrophomonadaceae. This monophyletic group is comprised of strain WoGl3T and the genera Syntrophomonas, Syntrophospora and Thermosyntropha, within the phylum of Gram-positive bacteria with a low DNA G + C content. Overall intra-group 16S rRNA sequence similarities of 89.2-93.9% document a separate phylogenetic status for strain WoGl3T. Strain WoGl3T (= DSM 6652T) is described as the type strain of a new species within a new genus, Pelospora glutarica gen. nov., sp. nov.


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