Two strictly aerobic, heterotrophic and mesophilic new organisms, strains Kitami A1 and Kitami C2, were isolated from the wastewater of a sugar-beet factory in Kitami City, Hokkaido, Japan. In batch cultures, these organisms produced both insoluble and soluble exopolysaccharides (EPSs) utilizing sucrose as the sole carbon source. The G+C contents of the strains Kitami C2 and Kitami A1 were 69·2 mol%. Both strains had anteiso-C15:0 acid, anteiso-C17:0 acid and iso-C16:0 as major components. The major isoprenoid quinones from these strains included menaquinone-11 and menaquinone-12. Physiological and biochemical characterization, phylogenetic analysis and DNA-DNA relatedness indicated that these two organisms are new species of the genus , for which the name is proposed. The type strain of is strain Kitami C2 (= JCM 10270).


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