Three strains of , JCM 10188, JCM 7790 and JCM 7791 and 178 freshly isolated strains of the group from human faeces were characterized by biochemical tests, cell wall peptidoglycal type and 16S rRNA analysis. The group was divided into four groups by fermentation patterns of sucrose and cellobiose, and were further divided into 16 sub-groups by fermentation patterns of aesculin, salici and amygdalin. All of the strains of the group were shown to be phylogenetically distantly related to , which is the type species of genus was shown to have a specific phylogenetic association with Coriobacterium glomerans. A the strains belonging to Coriobacterium in possessing a high G+C content (60 mol%). Cell wall analysis, however, revealed the presence of different A4β (L-Ala)-D-Glu--Orn--Asp peptidoglycan types. Based on a 16S rRNA sequence divergence of greater than 9% with and the presence of a unique peptidoglycan type, a new genus, , is proposed for , with one species, . The type strain of is JCM 10188.


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