A group of 42 -like organisms reacting specifically with serogroup 1 antisera were collected throughout Europe by the Centre National de Référence (French National Reference Centre) for . This group of isolates differed somewhat from in terms of biochemical reactions, ubiquinone content and protein profile. The latter two analyses revealed that one of these -like isolates, Turin I no. 1, was highly related, but not identical to any of the red autofluorescent species of . In fact, this strain was the first of these particular isolates recognized to emit a red autofluorescence when exposed to UV light. Profile analysis of randomly amplified polymorphic DNA established that the red autofluorescent -like isolates constituted a homogeneous group distinct from and . DNA-DNA hybridization studies involving the use of S1 nuclease confirmed that the indicated group of isolates are a new species of , for which the name is proposed with strain Turin I no. 1 (deposited as ATCC 700508) as the type strain.


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