A polyphasic taxonomic study was undertaken to clarify relationships within and between representative thermophilic alkalitolerant streptomycetes isolated from soil and appropriate marker strains. The resultant data, notably those from DNA-DNA relatedness studies, support the taxonomic integrity of the validly described species and However, the genotypic and phenotypic data clearly show that Desai and Dhala 1967 and (Henssen 1957) Goodfellow 1987 represent a single species. On the basis of priority, is a later subjective synonym of of Similarly, 10 out of the 11 representative thermophilic alkalitolerant isolates had a combination of properties consistent with their classification as The remaining thermophilic alkalitolerant isolate, strain TA56, merited species status. The name sp. nov. is proposed for this strain. A neutrophilic thermophilic isolate, strain NAR85, was identified as


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