A novel species was isolated from an ulcerative lesion of a cow suffering from digital dermatitis (DD), a disease which causes painful ulcerations along the coronary band. Among other anaerobic bacteria, high numbers of spirochaetes have been regularly found in DD lesions. Here data are presented of a spirochaete isolated from a DD ulcer. By chemotaxonomy, protein analysis and comparative 16S rDNA sequence analysis this isolate was classified as a treponeme that differed from all species described previously. The only isolate, DD5/3, for which the name is proposed, is designated the type strain of the novel species. The strain is a small, highly motile spirochaete that has two periplasmc flagella, one flagellum being attached at each cell pole. Strain DD5/31 exhibits α-glucosidase and -acetyl-β-glucosaminidase activity and growth is inhibited by rabbit serum. was phylogenetically most closely related (89--5% 16S rRNA similarity) to , an oral spirochaete isolated from a periodontitis patient.


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