A syntrophic propionate-oxidizing bacterium, strain MPOB, was isolated from a culture enriched from anaerobic granular sludge. It oxidized propionate syntrophically in co-culture with the hydrogen- and formate-utilizing , and was able to oxidize propionate and other organic compounds in pure culture with sulfate or fumarate as the electron acceptor. Additionally, it fermented fumarate. 16S rRNA sequence analysis revealed a relationship with and The G+C content of its DNA was 60·6 mol%, which is in the same range as that of other species. DNA-DNA hybridization studies showed less than 26% hybridization among the different genomes of species and strain MPOB. This justifies the assignment of strain MPOBto the genus as a new species. The name is proposed; strain MPOB(= DSM 10017) is the type strain.


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