A new anaerobic, proteolytic, moderately thermophilic bacterium, strain 3RT, was isolated from a methanogenic mesophilic reactor treating protein-rich wastewater. The cells were Gram-negative, non-spore-forming, non-motile rods. The DNA base composition was 43 mol% G+C. The optimum pH and temperature for growth were 7·0 and 55 °C respectively. The bacterium fermented gelatin, casein, bovine albumin, peptone and yeast extract. Glucose, fructose, sucrose, maltose and starch were poorly fermented. The major fermentation products from glucose were acetate, CO and H and, from gelatin, propionate was also detected. Growth on glucose was stimulated by thiosulfate, which was reduced to sulfide. Sulfate and nitrate were not reduced. 16S rRNA gene analysis revealed that the isolated bacterial strain was phylogenetically related to (96·3% sequence similarity), the only known species within the genus. DNA-DNA hybridization analysis demonstrated a very low level of homology, indicating that the isolated strain and were not related at species level. Therefore, it is proposed to classify the described strain in the genus as a new species, The type strain of is strain 3R(= DSM 11748).


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