A mollicute (strain BARC 318) isolated from gut tissue of a green tiger beetle (Coleoptera: Cicindelidae) was found by dark-field microscopy to consist of non-helical, non-motile, pleomorphic coccoid forms of various sizes. In ultrastructural studies, individual cells varied in diameter from 300 to 1200 nm, were surrounded by a cytoplasmic membrane and showed no evidence of cell wall. The organisms were readily filterable through membrane filters with mean pore diameters of 450 and 300 nm, with unusually large numbers of organisms filterable through 200 nm pore membrane filters. Growth occurred over a temperature range of 15–32 °C with optimum growth at 30 °C. The organism fermented glucose and hydrolysed arginine but did not hydrolyse urea. Strain BARC 318was insensitive to 500 U penicillin mland required serum or cholesterol for growth. It was serologically distinct from all currently described sterol-requiring, fermentative species and from 12 non-sterol-requiring species, 13 non-sterol-requiring species and 5 previously described sterol-requiring species. Strain BARC 318was shown to have a G+C content of 34 mol% and a genome size of 870 kbp. The 16S rDNA sequence of strain BARC 318was compared to 16S rDNA sequences of several other species and to other representative species of the genera and , and to other members of the class . These comparisons indicated that strain BARC 318had close phylogenetic relationships to other species. On the basis of these findings and other similarities in morphology, growth and temperature requirements and genomic features, the organism was assigned to the genus . Strain BARC 318(ATCC 51999) is designated the type strain of sp. nov.


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