Strain INSLUZ(= DSM 4273) was isolated from a biogas-producing bioreactor treating wastewater of a palm oil mill on North-Sumatra (Indonesia). Cells of strain INSLUZwere highly irregularly coccoid, 1·25-2·0 in diameter, had a cell envelope consisting of the cytoplasmic membrane and an S-layer of hexagonally arranged glycoprotein subunits with an r of 120 000, and were flagellated (motility was not observed). Cells were mesophilic and grew most rapidly at 40 °C on H/CO, formate, 2-propanol/CO2-butanol/COand cyclopentanol/COto give methane. Tungstate promoted growth on H/CO2 with acetate as the solely required organic medium supplement. The G+C content of DNA was 59 mol% ( method) and 59·5 mol% (HPLC method). 16S rDNA analysis revealed a phylogenetic relationship to species; the name sp. nov. is therefore proposed for strain INSLUZ(= DSM 4273).


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