Four strains of a hitherto-unknown catalase-positive, facultatively anaerobic species were isolated from the milk of sheep affected by subclinical mastitis. The most characteristic phenotypic reactions of the four strains were their weak fermentative acid production from glucose, their failure to produce acid from mannitol, xylose, sucrose and maltose, and a strong CAMP reaction with . Chemotaxonomic investigations revealed the presence of a cell wall based on mesodiaminopimelic acid and short-chain mycotic acids, which is consistent with the genus , A comparative 16S rRNA gene sequence analysis confirmed that the organisms from sheep were members of the genus , where they formed a distinct subline, exhibiting >4% sequence divergence with other known species. Based on both phenotypic and phylogenetic findings, a new species, , is proposed. The type strain of is CECT 4897 (= CRS-51).


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