Several psychrophilic, gas vacuolate strains of the (CFB) phylogenetic group were isolated from sea ice and water from the Arctic and the Antarctic. The closest taxonomically defined species by 16S rRNA sequence analysis is ‘’. However, ‘’ is phylogenetically distant from the type species, . On the basis of phenotypic, genotypic and 16S rRNA sequence analyses we propose a new genus, , with three new species, strain 23-P (ATCC 700398), strain 301 (ATCC 700399) and strain 215 (ATCC 700397). is the type species of the genus. None of these species exhibits a cosmopolitan or bipolar distribution. This is the first taxonomic description of gas vacuolate bacteria in the CFB group. Additionally, we propose that ‘’ be reclassified to the genus as , comb. nov.


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