Almost complete 16S ribosomal DNA (rDNA) sequences were determined for the type strains of nine species belonging to the genus and for seven strains described as strains of this genus. The sequences were compared with previously published 16S rDNA and rRNA sequences of the type strains of the other species of the genus. The majority of the species form a phylogenetically coherent cluster within the subphylum of gram-positive bacteria. The cluster consists of phylogenetically well-separated lineages containing (i) , and , (ii) , and , (iii) , and , (iv) and , and (v) . Some as-yet-undescribed strains are phylogenetically well-separated from strains of the described species. shares extremely high 16S rDNA similarity with certain species ( and ) and is most likely a misidentified species. represents a new genus which branches most closely to the genus . The name gen. nov., comb. nov., is proposed for this taxon.


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