We determined almost complete 16S ribosomal DNA sequences for 12 actinomycete strains which were either previously classified as strains or defined as strains but shown to contain major Amounts of -diaminopimelic acid in their whole-cell hydrolysates. These sequences were subjected to phylogenetic analyses together with the sequences of 34 species. Phylogenetic trees were reconstructed by using both neighbor-joining and maximum-parsimony methods. The species always formed a stable monophyletic clade. However, the genus appeared to be either a sister taxon of the genus or a lineage that originated from within species, depending on the outgroup used. Phylogenetic trees were also constructed by using the sequences of the 16S-23S rRNA gene spacers. and species were consistently recovered as two distinct clades independent of the outgroup used. On the basis of phylogenetic, chemotaxonomic, and phenotypic evidence, we propose that the genus Omura et al. 1982 should be revived.


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