16S ribosomal DNA (rDNA) sequences were determined for the five species of the genus , and ) and the single species of the genus ). With the exception of , the deinococci form a coherent phylogenetic cluster which is related to the lineage. An analysis of the 16S rDNA sequence of revealed that this organism is an actinomycete and a member of the genus falls within the radiation of the genus and phylogenetically can be considered a member of this genus. The results of the phylogenetic analyses are consistent with chemotaxonomic data. On the basis of our data, is transferred to the genus as comb. nov., the description of the genus is emended accordingly, and is transferred to the genus as comb. nov. The description of the family is emended to include organisms with rod-shaped cells, and a set of 16S rDNA signature nucleotides is designated for this group. On the basis of the distinct phylogenetic position of the lineage and a set of 16S rDNA signature nucleotides, the order ord. nov. is described.


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