To develop a strategy for rapid species assignment and strain differentiation of complex (MAC) organisms, the sequence of a 360-bp region of the gene () encoding a 65-kDa heat shock protein was determined for 56 isolates, including 21 patient isolates and 35 reference strains. Eleven alleles were identified, and there was no sharing of alleles between strains classified as and based on serovar and species-specific DNA hybridization probes. Phylogenetic analysis showed that 30 strains had one of two alleles which were found in known organisms, 23 strains had one of six alleles allied with known organisms, and three MAC isolates had one of three alleles that differed substantially from the consensus and sequences. Estimates of strain relationships based on the sequences of and the 16S-23S ribosomal DNA internal transcribed spacer were similar. Automated DNA sequencing of a 360-bp region of the gene from MAC organisms provides a rapid and unambiguous marker system for strain differentiation and permits specific assignment of these acid-fast organisms for diagnostic purposes.


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