Strains arg-1 (T = type strain) and arg-2, two new strains of extremely halophilic archaea, were isolated from the soils of the Argentine salt flats. The taxonomic features of arg-1 were similar to, but distinct from, those of the type strain of and other species. On the 16S rRNA phylogenetic tree, strain arg-1 formed a cluster together with species. Strain arg-2 differed in its glycolipid composition but still was more closely related to the genus than to other established genera. We propose that strain arg-1 be classified as a member of a new species, , and that strain arg-2 be classified as a member of sp. nov., although arg-2 may belong to a new genus or a subgenus of the genus . The type strain of is strain arg-1 (= JCM 9737), and the type strain of is strain arg-2 (= JCM 9738).


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