Eight deep-pitted-scab-inducing streptomycetes isolated from potato lesions in Québec (Canada) were phenotypically compared with representative strains of the principal plant-pathogenic species. These eight strains could be distinguished from representatives of , and on the basis of their morphological or physiological properties. They were characterized by a gold mycelium on yeast-malt extract medium and a white mass of spores borne in flexuous chains. The spores of these organisms were cylindrical and smooth. Their cell walls contained the LL-diaminopimelic acid isomer, and their DNA guanine-plus-cytosine content was 71 mol%. The strains which we studied did not produce melanin. All of the strains grew on proline or methionine as a sole nitrogen source and utilized raffinose as a sole carbon source. Bacterial growth was inhibited at pH 4.5. The levels of DNA relatedness between the deep-pitted-scab-inducing strains and strains of the other plant-pathogenic species were low. We place these deep-pitted-scab-inducing strains in a new bacterial species, for which we propose the name The type strain of this species is strain ATCC 51928.


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