The results of a phylogenetic and chemotaxonomic analysis of the genus indicated that it is significantly heterogeneous. Except for , no species groups phylogenetically with the type species of the genus, . The other members of the genus form three separate phylogenetic lines which on the basis of chemotaxonomic properties can be assigned to four genera. These genera are the genus gen. nov. for , and , described as comb. nov., comb. nov., and comb. nov., respectively; the genus gen. nov. for , described as comb. nov.; the genus gen. nov. for , described as comb, nov.; and the genus gen. nov. for , described as comb. nov. and , which are closely related phylogenetically but differ in some chemotaxonomic properties, are the only species that remain in the genus Cohn 1872. An emended description of the genus is given.


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