In this paper the Subcommittee on the Taxonomy of proposes minimum standards for descriptions of new cultivable species of the class (trivial term, mollicutes) to replace the proposals published in 1972 and 1979. The major class characteristics of these organisms are the lack of a cell wall, the tendency to form fried-egg-type colonies on solid media, the passage of cells through 450- and 220-nm-pore-size membrane filters, the presence of small A-T-rich genomes, and the failure of the wall-less strains to revert to walled bacteria under appropriate conditions. Placement in orders, families, and genera is based on morphology, host origin, optimum growth temperature, and cultural and biochemical properties. Demonstration that an organism differs from previously described species requires a detailed serological analysis and further definition of some cultural and biochemical characteristics. The precautions that need to be taken in the application of these tests are defined. The subcommittee recommends the following basic requirements, most of which are derived from the , for naming a new species: (i) designation of a type strain; (ii) assignment to an order, a family, and a genus in the class, with selection of an appropriate specific epithet; (iii) demonstration that the type strain and related strains differ significantly from members of all previously named species; and (iv) deposition of the type strain in a recognized culture collection, such as the American Type Culture Collection or the National Collection of Type Cultures. The publication of the description should appear in a journal having wide circulation. If the journal is not the International Journal of Systematic Bacteriology, a reprint must be submitted to that journal so that the name may be considered for inclusion in a validation list as required by the .


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