Phenotypic properties (growth characteristics, utilization of carbon and nitrogen sources, and intrinsic antibiotic resistance) of 53 strains isolated from root nodules of the temperate-zone legumes spp. (29 strains), (7 strains), (7 strains), (3 strains), spp. (4 strains), and (3 strains) were compared with those of other , and strains. The final matrix, containing 83 strains and 56 nonsymbiotic features, was used for computer cluster analysis. The dendrogram showed that the new strains of temperate-zone rhizobia formed a cluster separate from both and spp. Two large groups of temperate-zone rhizobia were revealed. Group 1 included rhizobial strains originating from different geographical regions with a temperate climate, while group 2 included strains from the same geographical origin, South Siberia. The strains of recognized species were clustered, in general, with each other as expected from phylogenetic relatedness.


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