The genus , which was recently described on the basis of 5S rRNA sequence data, was found to be of dubious value on the basis of the results of a comparison of a number of taxonomic studies involving members of the . The available data suggest that 5S rRNA sequences may be of limited taxonomic use at the intra- and intergeneric levels, at least for apparently recently evolved groups, such as the . In this light, we assessed the generic assignment of the species . Phenotypic characterization of 12 strains of bacteria assigned to , including type strain ATCC 33539, revealed a strong resemblance to members of the genus . All of the strains conformed to major characteristics common to all known species. The characteristics of these organismsincluded the absence of a flagellar sheath and accumulation of poly-β-hydroxybutyrate during growth on glucose coupled with the inability to utilize -β-hydroxybutyrate as a sole carbon source. On the basis of the phenotypic data, we propose that should be reassigned to the genus as comb. nov.


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