A total of 58 strains belonging to phylogenetically assigned or unassigned species of the class , which are mostly phytopathogenic or might interact with plants, were analyzed for polyamines. The strains of the genus contained spermidine as the main polyamine. Putrescine was the main polyamine of phytopathogenic strains belonging to the complex, which represents the phylogenetically defined nucleus of the genus . The genera and , which include free-living diazotrophic bacteria that also belong to the complex, had a polyamine pattern like that of the strains belonging to the complex. (formerly called ) and unassigned phytopathogenic pseudomonads phylogenetically allocated to the beta subclass of the contained 2-hydroxyputrescine, the specific polyamine of this subclass. The main polyamine in , and strains and misnamed pseudomonads belonging to the alpha subclass of the was -homospermidine, which was also present in “.”


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